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January 31 – Gift of Time

We had a bad scare with Bort this morning.  He was having severe weakness, and couldn’t even hold himself up to pee.   Feet were dragging, and he looked “gone” in his eyes.  I called the vet (while on my way to church) and we got a 12:30 appointment.   Bort is 8wks shy of being 14.  For the breed, he’s about 110yrs.  Rottweilers just don’t live this long, and yet yesterday, he was out back, running about the way Old Boo’s do, and having a grand ol’ time.

I prayed this morning:  Lord, THY will, not mine.  If today is not his day, please show me significant improvement in Bort when we get home.  If it is his day, Thy WILL be done.

When we got home from church, there was Bort, acting far far improved.  He’s still moving a tad slow, but absolutely better.  He got a clean bill of health at the vet:  heart sounds clear (though pulses are bounding), pupillary response is good, and no major neuro deficits.

I am SO thankful for God’s mercy and grace in giving us more time with Bort.  I know he’s old, I know his time is short……I just thought he’d continue to slow down (as he has) and not have a drastic change from happy/active to looking like a stroke victim.  At this point, we think that may be what happened:  the doggie equivalent of a TIA (ministroke).  I know in people that this predisposes to a high risk of full-blown CVA, and I’m keeping a careful eye on Boo.  He is a treasure!


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January 30 – Injured deer

When we moved in 2 years ago, there was a herd of 9 deer that regularly wandered our back yard.   We were just commenting a few days ago how we’d not seen any deer this year, and wondered if it was the presence of the dogs.   Right at that moment, 2 deer appeared.   Looked like mother and Spring fawn.  The younger one had a significant limp, though still weight bearing on the leg.

Today, George noticed the deer lying down.   Even with me out in the backyard, throwing frisbees for the dogs, less than 50yds away, the deer didn’t move.  Figuring something was really wrong, we called the Police Dept to see if they had contact numbers for Fish & Game.   No such luck, but they would come over and see if it needed to be put down.

Shortly before the PD arrived, the deer got up and left.   I suspect Banja plunging through the woods after a frisbee that sailed over the fence may have had something to do with that.  🙂    Here’s a shot, from the fence.   Deer is in the center of the photo.

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January 29 – Haircuts

We all made the trek over to Linda’s house in Newton this afternoon for haircuts. George has been going to Linda for probably 20yrs now. She does a lovely job and is dirt cheap……….if only it weren’t so far!! 45min each way on a good day, an hour with typical traffic. Emilie went first, and then James sat on George’s lap.

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January 28 – Snow squall

As predicted, the snow came in fast and furious this afternoon.   The kids had a great time playing in it for a quick bit before nap time.  James loves to just wander the yard, proclaiming any birds that he hears “B!!!”

James on his walkabout

Em and James on the swingset

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Past few days

Last night, Emilie and I got to go meet Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin. She will be competing in the Tyson American cup in March (which we are also going to see). What a fun opportunity!

Today, James had his speech therapist visit.  Because he wasn’t speaking at 18mos, we now have a speech therapist who comes over each week and works with him on his words.   I was pretty sure his issue was more one of being stubborn than anything else, and that seems to be playing out.   He has over 20 words now, and decides when HE will use them.   As with his learning to walk, he accepts little help, he’ll do it on his own thanks!

When Leanne comes over, she brings lots of toys, and they work on describing the toys:  “Ball goes IN, ball comes OUT.”   He is so fascinated by the toys, that he often says very little when she’s here.   When he gets tired, he often reverts back to signing.   In this photo, the sign for “more.”

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January 18 – Gymnastics with the 5yr olds!

Em was the only 4yr old who showed up for class today, so she was put in with the 5+yr old girls. She did a fantastic job, and I remembered to bring a camera with a full battery. 🙂 Below are 4 links to her work today. In the first one, they are doing ‘donkey kicks.’ These progress from merely kicking the legs up off the ground to being able to shoot up into a handstand position, or extend legs straight up from floor to handstand (vs. kicking up into one). #2 is working on kicking to a handstand. Em’s coaches have been working with her on her handstand splits, and they are coming together nicely! #3 is bar work: stand on the bar (balance!) and then jump off and stick your landing….followed by push-ups. The girl’s got better push-ups than I do! Finally, working on jumping to a straddle on the bars. You’ll notice in the previous video a much older girl who was really struggling with this (in the foreground). Go Em!!!!!!! I’ve asked to move her up, we’ll see what happens. Her attention span was far better when she was challenged with harder work.

Em is in the blue leo.

Donkey kicks


Jump off the bar, push-ups

Jump to the bar, straddle (listen for James saying “Emilie!”)


Gymnastics Jan 12, 2010

I finally remembered to bring the P&S camera, which shoots HD video. And the battery was almost dead. UGH! So, couldn’t shoot too much, but here’s one quick sequence of working on “seesaw handstands” and then doing a forward roll on the mat. The white lines denote edges of the balance beam, and they are to try to stand up w/out using hands. 🙂

Next week I’ll remember to have a fully charged battery and hopefully have better footage. 🙂

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January 10 – New dolly quilt

I finally finished the dolly quilt for Clara. It was a fun project to work on, and while not traditionally pieced together on top, I learned a lot about quilting basics, and my new machine. Emilie was very excited to put Clara down for a nap with her new quilt.

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An attempt at posting video

Here is a short video from the end of Em’s skating lesson yesterday.  Hopefully this will work, and be an easy way to share the video we have.


And so it begins!

This will be my first attempt at blogging our family’s daily life.  My “365” picture project doesn’t show enough depth, as only one picture per day is chosen.  Hopefully, a blog will give me a better way to share the kids, and our lives, with you all. 🙂

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