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February 2nd – Skating!!

Emilie’s gymnastics teacher has a daughter who is a highly competitive skater.  She was able to find an older pair of skates for Em, and brought them in today.  Em and I hit the ice immediately after lunch and boy was it FUN!!!  I haven’t skated since the kids were born.  My skates are “pre kids” and as such, now a half size too small.   Gotta find some new (used) ones….these were brutal on my feet, but it was still bliss to be out on the ice.

Mommy goes skating (and remembers how to spin!)

Helping Emilie to skate backwards

Showing Em what edges are (back inside, in this shot)


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February 1 – Window watcher

James loves to cling to the sill and look out the front window, usually for Daddy or birds.

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