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April 7, 2010 – 91F in the SHADE!!!!

They were calling for low to mid 80’s.  Somehow, I think it was a record-breaking day instead.  With no humidity (or bugs!), this was a STELLAR day.   The only problem was trying to explain to Banja and Xcel why they couldn’t run themselves to exhaustion with the frisbee.   They’re not yet acclimated to the heat.

Usually, when it’s hot enough to play in sprinklers, we’re under severe restrictions (water ban) on sprinkler use, so Em has never gotten to do this before.   But, in early April, we have no water ban……… out came the fun! 🙂

James being amused by Banja

Trying to catch water – if only you could hear James saying “ahhh!”


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Easter 2010

We had a very busy day with church and then an Easter – 50th Anni dinner with Caldwells out in Southbridge.     Was wonderful to see family again!

Here’s a quick shot from just before church.   Rest are in this album.   🙂

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March 12, 2010 – Bort’s big day!

Rottweilers are a very common breed, and also one highly afflicted by cancer.   Anyone who has Rotties knows someone who’s lost a dog at a young age, often 7yrs or younger.   We lost Froli in 2002 at the age of 6y 2m.  As such, the dogs who live to an old age are very special, and scientists are coming to realize this too.   The breed life expectancy is 8-10yrs.   Any Rottweiler who reaches 13yrs of age is considered exceptionally old, and becomes eligible for the Exceptional Longevity study, headed by Dr. David Waters, DVM PhD.  Dr. Waters is looking to see what makes these ‘oldest of the old’ Rottweilers different……… did they get to such a ripe old age.

Research is being carried out at Purdue.   Dr. Waters undertook the “Old Grey Muzzle tour” from March 12 – Apr 3 in order to meet the 15 living dogs in the US.   There are 140 entered in the study, with females out-numbering males 4 to 1.  Of the 15 dogs currently alive in the US (over age 13), only 4 are male.

Dr. Waters came to visit Bort on March 12th, and Bort was the first dog on the tour.   We had press here from the local paper (Metrowest Daily News), USA Today sent a photographer, and I had a phone interview with them, and there was a camera crew here from Chicago, for CBS Sunday Morning News.   The CBS piece should be airing sometime in mid-April.    Dr. Waters did a thorough exam on Bort, and explained all that he was checking to the press.   George was photographer for the day, as I was busy working with Bort and Dr. Waters.

The kids watching from afar:

At the end of the day, a shot with Dr. Waters:

Here is the Metrowest Daily’s article, we made the front page!

And here is the article from USA Today:

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April 5, 2010 – A brief apology!

I have fallen way behind (obviously), but hope to do some catching up here.  🙂   Have pics and links to share from Bort’s big moment of fame, as well as recent photos of the kids and lots of ‘footage’ from Easter.

Do hope you are all well, and had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! 🙂

Much love,

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