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A morning at the lake

Had a grand time this morning over at the lake.  Got the battery charged for the underwater P&S and enjoyed taking pictures of George and the kids.

Em, loving her new goggles.

The fish who come to visit you, and sometimes see if you taste good!


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Em lost her first tooth!

After a refreshing morning of swimming this morning at Lake Winthrop, we returned home for lunch.  I went up to change out of my wet suit, and when I returned downstairs, there was Em, tooth in a baggie, and big smile on her face.   Her first tooth came out! 🙂   So of course, here’s the obligatory picture.

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Broadmoor Audubon sanctuary

We had a lovely morning today over at the Broadmoor sanctuary in Natick.   I decided to go ‘lite,’ and not haul the big camera and the heavy lenses.  Instead, I brought along the 6yr old Nikon D70……..and for a ‘dinosaur’ as digital cameras go, it does quite fine.

Emilie planning our route.

James leads the way

We saw turtles, covered in duckweed (next to the really tall weed near James)

Looking for frogs

James: fascinated by water

Lots of gorgeous lillies

This way James!!

Still looking for frogs, we can hear them, they’re REALLY loud!

Found one!!!!!!!!!!

We also saw dragonflies and raspberries, much to the kids’ delight.

The kids are already looking forward to our next visit, hopefully with Daddy next time. 🙂

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Shot from above

The usual photographic rule of shooting kids (or animals) is to get down to their level.   The Family Photojournalist blog had an assignment:  shoot down on your kids!   The idea was to get elevated above the action, and then shoot down, wide angle, and show the whole story.

We made two attempts.  The first was this afternoon, but the light was harsh, and even in the shade, the dappling was really distracting once the photo went over to B&W.   I was perched atop a step-ladder, the kids were trying to stand on soccer balls (this was great fun!).

Our second attempt was later this evening after dinner.  I stood on the slide, camera in tripod, and held tripod by it’s feet……basically making it into a boom arm.  I have a wireless remote trigger that was held in one hand, so that both hands could be holding the <heavy!!!> tripod/camera contraption.   Em had just dropped the remains of an ice cream cone, much to Vikka’s delight.

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Father’s Day 2010

Marlborough has a Hot Rod show put on by a local Masonic lodge, so we made the trek over today.  Extremely steamy, but a good morning, none the less.   The cars line Main street and one can just amble through.

Enjoying hot dogs and ice cream

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June 16 – Strawberry picking

We went over to Sunshine Dairy in Framingham, now known as Sunshire Farm b/c there is no more dairy (or on-site ice cream making), and had a blast picking strawberries.   James was litereally red-handed from squeezing and eating just about every strawberry he picked.  What a day he had!

Who me? NO, no strawberries in MY mouth!

I finds……….

I eats!!!!!!!!!!

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A major catching up: April through mid June

Ok, so I’ve been lax with the blog.  Genealogy has taken great precedence over my computer time.   Here’s a quick catching up on things.

First, new look to the blog.  Very simple lay out, one I really liked.   We’ll see how it works, I may go on to something else.  Flexibility is always key!

April 11, 2010 – James is 2

James had a lovely birthday, celebrated by the family.  He enjoyed his day playing on Daddy’s tractor (one of his favorite activities) and generally enjoying the out doors.   Birthday celebration was after nap.

There’s a new chef in town!!  Watch out, ye who enter the kitchen to cook……….there is no escaping help from Chef James!

April 21 – Pony rides!

A local farm often hosts “open farm” days, and the kids get to go pet animals, feed many of them, brush goats (or in James’ case, brush chickens!), and ride ponies, all for a very nominal fee.   Both kids had a great time on the ponies this day.  Out visit concluded with a fantastic tractor ride around the property.  We look forward to our next visit.

James brushing a goat

Emilie sitting with a bunny

May 26 – Spring Sing at Little Lambs Preschool

As the year winds down at school, the kids put on their second “sing” of the year.   The first was at Christmas, and this was the annual Spring Sing of the 4yr old classes.   Twas beastly hot in the church, kids and parents were melting, but the show went on!

June 2 – Em turns 5!!

Hard to believe she’s already FIVE!   Her birthday happened to be on a school day, so Em brought in sunflower cupcakes with lady bugs on them (made by Mommy) for snack at class.  This was my first attempt at making any type of cupcakes, they were fun to do…..but the 80 degree kitchen was not conducive to decorating with frosting.  The practice cupcakes were her ‘cake’ for the day at home.  The big party followed on Saturday, with a GORGEOUS princess cake made by Nancy Manske.  It tasted every bit as good as Barbie looked… ever need a cake, Nancy M. is the one to see!

June 4 – Fox25 comes to Medway for a Zip trip and Em meets the morning  cast

Em telling Cindy, the meteorologist, about their weather wheel in school.

June 5 – The big party

Here is Em’s gorgeous cake, made by Nancy Manske.   Barbie was inside a cone within the cake.

June 7 – New patio set

George drove out to his parents on the 4th to go pick up their patio set.   As they prepare their house for sale, we’ve been happy to gain new treasures!   We absolutely LOVE having this set, it gets a lot of use, the party being it’s first big ‘breaking in.’   The kids and I eat out here daily when it’s not pouring, and we’ve had several family dinners too!   Please excuse the blue pads and tarps, they were drying out from the previous days’ microburst.

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