Emilie commence la maternelle à l’école Sam Placentino

Qu’est-ce que c’est? Vous ne parlent pas français?? Mon dieu! À la fin de cette année, Emilie sera parler et comprendre un peu bien!

Emilie starts her first official day tomorrow, September 1, 2010.  She is in the French Immersion program in Holliston, and will not hear a single word of English in class until after 3rd grade.  Not even tomorrow!    Bonjour mes amies!  🙂

We decided to go out and shoot a few pictures yesterday, while things are more calm.   We went over to see her bus stop, I think she may be the only child there!   And of course, where Emilie goes, so does Bubby.  He’s going to be upset when he’s not allowed on the bus tomorrow.  😉

Sam Placentino elementary school.  It’s a gorgeous building, approximately 5-7 years old.  K-2 is housed here, and the 3rd-5th graders are next door at the Miller Elementary school.  The two are  joined by a “cafetorium” and staff finds that this integration greatly benefits the children as they progress from one school to the next.

This last one was taken as a prelude to one I’ll shoot in 13 more years – one taken on her very last day of her senior year.   The beginning and the end.    We’ll also wander back over to Sam Placentino and re-shoot that sign. 🙂

Today, August 31, we had a visit and orientation to the school.  Nothing like a non-air conditioned building in 96F heat!   Even with fans, most people left literally dripping sweat.   Heat isn’t supposed to break until this weekend…….poor Em was so disappointed to not get to wear her “new school clothes” b/c they’re all long-sleeved and long pants.

It was a bit busy, with parents filling out forms and kids enjoying all the exciting new things.

After I filled out forms for her and wrote a check for $55 for milk at snack-time for the year, I found Em already immersed in a French book, completely settled in as if she’d always been there.

The kids were asked to draw a self-portrait (which was left in a basket on the table).   Emilie’s was not only herself, but also “V.B.” from Fox25 morning news.  Apparently, he’s made a great impression on her!  V.B. was added after I asked her to hold up the picture.  😉

She did far better than I could have.   Being one who despised art class and ANYTHING to do with drawing, this is the kind of assignment that I’d rather hand in blank and take a zero, than make any attempt.  🙂

Emilie and Mlle Mason.  Truly, I was shocked to be the only parent there taking photos.  C’est la vie!

After seeing her classroom, we went off to find other areas of the school (front office, nurse’s office and the library).  The library is gorgeous!

The browsing room

Tomorrow will be her first day on the bus, and off to school.  She saw where she’ll get off, and learned how to walk to her classroom.   People keep telling me to bring tissues to the bus stop.  Why?!   What is sad about your child going to a school?  It’s something you’ve known is going to happen from the day they were born.    Guess I’m just not that emotional about regular life events.  🙂

  1. #1 by Mimi on August 31, 2010 - 4:32 pm

    It’s hard to believe our baby girl is off to kindergarten. Grampy and I are so proud of her. I am emotional enough for both of us, Mommy, and I had a full heavy heart as I looked at these wonderful pictures.

    Hooray for Emilie!!!

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