“Please come to the Office”

Emilie’s first day of Kindergarten ended with Mommy having to pick her up in the office. Not such a grand start, eh? Why was she there…….well, lemme tell you a tale.

This summer, Emilie was invited to be on the pre-Team at Elite Gymnastics. This is a very competitive gym, with a strong program, and we were very pleased. She’s been in the gym 4hrs a week all summer. The schedule continues during the school year, but only 3hrs a week. Wednesday and Friday, starting at 3:45.

School dismisses at 3:17p, and Emilie’s bus isn’t scheduled to drop her off until 3:32p. They said it was a 10 minute window (either side of that time) for the first week. So at 3:25, we headed down to the bus stop to wait.

After a bit, Daddy decided to bring down the newly refinished teak bench for us to sit upon, while we waited. Twas a lovely afternoon to be sitting around on a bench, I would have enjoyed a cold beverage, quite frankly!

It got close to 4p, and no bus, and no Emilie. WOW. They’re REALLY behind today, eh? The phone had rung just as we headed out the door, and I figured if it was important, they’d leave a message. They did. Twice. And 5 calls to my cell phone (which I never have on me).

Upon listening to the message, we found out why the bus had just zoomed right past us. Emilie was in the office. Oh dear! Poor Em!

What happened???

Well, on Wednesdays and Fridays, Mommy needs to pick up Emilie at school, in order to be on time for gymnastics. There is no gymnastics this week, the gym is closed for the week. BUT, Mommy had followed proper procedure, and sent with Emilie this afternoon, a standing note to have her NOT ride the bus on Wed/Fri, in order that I may pick her up at school and head to the gym.

I forgot to send Note B stating that today Emilie should ride the bus, b/c the gym is closed this week. Ugh!! Poor Em, and poor staff!!!!!!!!!! I felt like such a heel as I listened to the message on the phone.

Of course, they were all most gracious, as I ashamedly dashed into the office, to pick up my daughter who was properly (per my note) held from the bus today. Em of course had taken the opportunity to chat up the entire office staff, and her teacher (Mlle. Mason) who appeared in the office to get her mail, and then stayed to chat with Emilie.

What an end to a first day!!!!!! Thankfully, not much phases Emilie!!! As an apology to the staff, Mommy Dummy will be dropping off a Box’o’Joe (Dunkin Donuts coffee) to the Office Staff in the morning. They were MOST gracious, but I still feel awful about my idiocy!

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