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Day 6 – James at gymnastics

James started his own gymnastics this year, the same class Emilie originally took: Mommy & me.  He adores it, and is very proud to have his OWN “gymnanics” class.    Emilie’s coaching shows through, as he can already do a headstand against the wall, and is not too far from it out in the midde of the floor.  🙂

Official Day 6 photo – I just love the joy that shows in his face

Other pics from class:

Jumping, or running, down the Tumbl Trak

Working on donkey kicks.  At first, he kept wanting to put his head down, but I think he gets the idea now “handstand, not headstand.”


And finally, handstand   🙂


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Day 5 of “50 days of 50mm”

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Day 4 – Banja

The 4th day of  “50 days of 50mm.”

My dearest Banja.  A fantastic girlie, who has always lived life to the fullest.   A dog who changed many minds about what a Rottweiler really is.    A dog who out ran Border Collies and Aussies in agility.    A dog who is being eaten by cancer.   My heart is just shattered.

For comparison, here’s a shot from March.   Look at the difference in her head.

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Day 3 – Viewer’s choice

We had an incredible walk through the Broadmoor Audubon sanctuary this afternoon.   The light was absolutely spectacular, everything green just seemed to glow from within.     So here is a selection from our walk, leave a comment with the one you like the best, and the photo with the most votes will be the “50 days of 50mm” photo for today.  All of these were shot with my Nikon 50/1.4G lens.      To view any image in its original size, click on it.  🙂

1.  Goldenrod

2.  James watching ducks

3.  Em and James

4. Leaning pine

5.  Catching up

6.  Ferns

7.  Boardwalk

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Day 2 – Tines

Day 2 of the “50 days of 50mm” project.


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50 days of 50mm

I haven’t shot much in the past few months, and after 2.5 years of “photo a day,” it seems odd to not have photos to represent each day.   So a self-imposed project:  50 photos shot at 50mm.   Not sure with our current schedule if I’ll have one up each day, but the intent is to at least shoot once a day, with either the 50mm f/1.4G or the elder 50mm f/1.2 AiS.

Day 1 – September 15, 2010 – 50/1.4G at f/8, 1/125sec at ISO800

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“Please come to the Office”

Emilie’s first day of Kindergarten ended with Mommy having to pick her up in the office. Not such a grand start, eh? Why was she there…….well, lemme tell you a tale.

This summer, Emilie was invited to be on the pre-Team at Elite Gymnastics. This is a very competitive gym, with a strong program, and we were very pleased. She’s been in the gym 4hrs a week all summer. The schedule continues during the school year, but only 3hrs a week. Wednesday and Friday, starting at 3:45.

School dismisses at 3:17p, and Emilie’s bus isn’t scheduled to drop her off until 3:32p. They said it was a 10 minute window (either side of that time) for the first week. So at 3:25, we headed down to the bus stop to wait.

After a bit, Daddy decided to bring down the newly refinished teak bench for us to sit upon, while we waited. Twas a lovely afternoon to be sitting around on a bench, I would have enjoyed a cold beverage, quite frankly!

It got close to 4p, and no bus, and no Emilie. WOW. They’re REALLY behind today, eh? The phone had rung just as we headed out the door, and I figured if it was important, they’d leave a message. They did. Twice. And 5 calls to my cell phone (which I never have on me).

Upon listening to the message, we found out why the bus had just zoomed right past us. Emilie was in the office. Oh dear! Poor Em!

What happened???

Well, on Wednesdays and Fridays, Mommy needs to pick up Emilie at school, in order to be on time for gymnastics. There is no gymnastics this week, the gym is closed for the week. BUT, Mommy had followed proper procedure, and sent with Emilie this afternoon, a standing note to have her NOT ride the bus on Wed/Fri, in order that I may pick her up at school and head to the gym.

I forgot to send Note B stating that today Emilie should ride the bus, b/c the gym is closed this week. Ugh!! Poor Em, and poor staff!!!!!!!!!! I felt like such a heel as I listened to the message on the phone.

Of course, they were all most gracious, as I ashamedly dashed into the office, to pick up my daughter who was properly (per my note) held from the bus today. Em of course had taken the opportunity to chat up the entire office staff, and her teacher (Mlle. Mason) who appeared in the office to get her mail, and then stayed to chat with Emilie.

What an end to a first day!!!!!! Thankfully, not much phases Emilie!!! As an apology to the staff, Mommy Dummy will be dropping off a Box’o’Joe (Dunkin Donuts coffee) to the Office Staff in the morning. They were MOST gracious, but I still feel awful about my idiocy!

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Non-union builders

Found a couple of non-union builders hard at work in my backyard.   Or more likely, only one built, and the other was the foreman.    At any rate, the primary structure consisted of a 12″ wide (rotting??) board, broken off an agility teeter, resting atop a 6″ wide, thin, plank from an obedience jump.

After noticing the inherent instability of this structure, side support and a safety “catch chair” were added.   Their stated purpose was “in case James falls.”

Finally, someone from The Council came out to inspect, after complaints of misuse of dog training equipment without proper permits pulled.

Counsel determined that they were indeed in violation of “Proper use of dog training equipment” and full dismantling of the structure was required by Herself.   Proper instruction on building codes, permits and assemblage of dynamic structures will begin soon!

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Away she goes!

Em is off to her first real day of class. We were given the address of the bus stop as being across and up the street a bit. Anyone who knows older New England country roads knows how prevalent poison ivy is. The driveway of the bus stop has poison ivy on both sides, and those nasty runners coming out onto the driveway. Keeping James away from them was not fun.

The bus driver pulled up on the other side of the road (which is actually OUR side), and we chatted for a few moments. Since she comes with the door on our side, she’s going to simply stop at our driveway. HOORAY!!! No more poison ivy vines every day for James. 🙂 🙂

Emilie’s bus driver is named Jane, a very pleasant lady! Em ran right onto the bus, sat down, and started talking with kids and the bus mom. I had to actually call her back out of her seat to get this one photo. 🙂 She’s excited for school, and we’re very excited for her.

And no, no one cried (I still don’t get that!).

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Emilie commence la maternelle à l’école Sam Placentino

Qu’est-ce que c’est? Vous ne parlent pas français?? Mon dieu! À la fin de cette année, Emilie sera parler et comprendre un peu bien!

Emilie starts her first official day tomorrow, September 1, 2010.  She is in the French Immersion program in Holliston, and will not hear a single word of English in class until after 3rd grade.  Not even tomorrow!    Bonjour mes amies!  🙂

We decided to go out and shoot a few pictures yesterday, while things are more calm.   We went over to see her bus stop, I think she may be the only child there!   And of course, where Emilie goes, so does Bubby.  He’s going to be upset when he’s not allowed on the bus tomorrow.  😉

Sam Placentino elementary school.  It’s a gorgeous building, approximately 5-7 years old.  K-2 is housed here, and the 3rd-5th graders are next door at the Miller Elementary school.  The two are  joined by a “cafetorium” and staff finds that this integration greatly benefits the children as they progress from one school to the next.

This last one was taken as a prelude to one I’ll shoot in 13 more years – one taken on her very last day of her senior year.   The beginning and the end.    We’ll also wander back over to Sam Placentino and re-shoot that sign. 🙂

Today, August 31, we had a visit and orientation to the school.  Nothing like a non-air conditioned building in 96F heat!   Even with fans, most people left literally dripping sweat.   Heat isn’t supposed to break until this weekend…….poor Em was so disappointed to not get to wear her “new school clothes” b/c they’re all long-sleeved and long pants.

It was a bit busy, with parents filling out forms and kids enjoying all the exciting new things.

After I filled out forms for her and wrote a check for $55 for milk at snack-time for the year, I found Em already immersed in a French book, completely settled in as if she’d always been there.

The kids were asked to draw a self-portrait (which was left in a basket on the table).   Emilie’s was not only herself, but also “V.B.” from Fox25 morning news.  Apparently, he’s made a great impression on her!  V.B. was added after I asked her to hold up the picture.  😉

She did far better than I could have.   Being one who despised art class and ANYTHING to do with drawing, this is the kind of assignment that I’d rather hand in blank and take a zero, than make any attempt.  🙂

Emilie and Mlle Mason.  Truly, I was shocked to be the only parent there taking photos.  C’est la vie!

After seeing her classroom, we went off to find other areas of the school (front office, nurse’s office and the library).  The library is gorgeous!

The browsing room

Tomorrow will be her first day on the bus, and off to school.  She saw where she’ll get off, and learned how to walk to her classroom.   People keep telling me to bring tissues to the bus stop.  Why?!   What is sad about your child going to a school?  It’s something you’ve known is going to happen from the day they were born.    Guess I’m just not that emotional about regular life events.  🙂

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