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Non-union builders

Found a couple of non-union builders hard at work in my backyard.   Or more likely, only one built, and the other was the foreman.    At any rate, the primary structure consisted of a 12″ wide (rotting??) board, broken off an agility teeter, resting atop a 6″ wide, thin, plank from an obedience jump.

After noticing the inherent instability of this structure, side support and a safety “catch chair” were added.   Their stated purpose was “in case James falls.”

Finally, someone from The Council came out to inspect, after complaints of misuse of dog training equipment without proper permits pulled.

Counsel determined that they were indeed in violation of “Proper use of dog training equipment” and full dismantling of the structure was required by Herself.   Proper instruction on building codes, permits and assemblage of dynamic structures will begin soon!


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